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Customer Reviews


5.0 02/19/16

Review: James T.

Project: Frontyard Walkway

Comments: Excellent job on the design and uniqueness of the walkway, added a small fountain on the side to help contrast the dark bricks to the light fountain lighting. Thanks


4.7 02/11/16

Review By Barnabus T

Project: Stamped Concrete and Masonary

Comments: Our old concrete in front of the house looked like it was worned out and cracked. So we decided to redo it. Khandy showed us many pictures of what he has done in the past and we picked out the best one we liked and he gave us a great price. The project was excellent and done in a great amount of time. I am very pleased with what produced.


4.3 01/27/16

Review by Jessica Lin

Project: Marbled Tiles

Comments: We wanted to change the flooring of our backyard to give it a more elegant look with the patio we already had, Khandy gave us an estimate and we hired him right away. The marbled tiles he choose to make the patio and the marbled come together looks beautiful.

4.5 01/18/16

Review By Samantha

Project: Concrete Walkway in Front Yard

Comments: Khandy did an exceptional job and gave me the best quote. I did a couple interviews with people around my area and ended up choosing Khandy. We now have a lovely front yard that is unqiue compared to other people around my neighborhood

5.0 08/02/15

Review by Elaine L. in Antioch, CA

Project: Installed Stamped Concrete

Comments: Stamped concrete looks amazing in our backyard and work was great. Did an excellent job Khandy was very resource when it came to making the yard look great as our yard is a little complicated but it was a easy task for him.


5.0 07/27/15

Review by Jason C. in Brentwood, CA

Project: Concrete

Comments: Nice guy worked really well. Told me a time when he was going to come and do the work. I would recommend him


4.6 07/07/15

Review by Edwin B in Pleasant Hill, CA

Project: Sideyard work

Comments: Our sideyard needed some work with new concrete and new plants etc. Khandy gave us a great quote on the job and we hired him immediately. He came and did the work in a timely manner and finished on time.


4.5 05/19/15

Review by Eric in Antioch, CA

Project: Mason work

Comments: Installed new steps and walkway for us. He even came back after the job was done to make sure he did everything correctly and was up to our standards which I completely love. The worksmanship he puts in the job is excellent. Highly recommend to anyone who needs work on their home.


4.8 05/14/15

Review by Jonathan S. in Brentwood, CA

Project: New front yard

Comments: We wanted a front yard that was something that someone who would drive by and say oh wow that looks amazing. KD redid our entire front yard with grass and stones and this great fountain piece right in the middle near the walkway which made the yard even more appealing than it already was.


5.0 04/23/15

Review by Kathy T in Brentwood, CA

Project: Installed Stamped Concrete

Comments: Work was done in a timely manner and it looks great the color we picked out for the stamped concrete makes it really pop. My friends that come over always compliments on how well it was done and how great it looks.


5.0 08/09/14

Review by Anthony K in Antioch, CA

Project: Landscape Yard and Garden

Comments: Khandy came looked at our yard and gave some suggestions on how to make it better and what he can offer. He did a great job


5.0 07/19/14

Review by Rachel B in Brentwood, CA

Project: Patio install and walks

Comments: Just recently moved into this new house and I wanted a patio for it so I simply got online and started to search for contractors in the area that can install a patio for my new home. Khandy is such a good guy to work with and he was very reliable. I would call him again


4.8 07/10/14

Review by Jessica P. in Concord, CA

Project: Backyard

Comments: I wanted to put in some new concrete and planter boxes so I needed a patio done to my yard. KD easily gave me a price I can work with and he finished in such a great time I hired him to do my front yard as well.


4.3 06/28/14

Review by Jennifer N in Antioch, CA

Project: Stamped Concrete and front yard

Comments: Wanted to redo my front yard but I’m a little picky on how I wanted the job to be done and I wanted it to be done correctly. KD made it so it was easy to give in my input and he knew exactly how and what I wanted in order for the job to be done.


4.7 06/12/14

Review by Leslie L in Pittsburg, CA

Project: Stonework and Concrete

Comments: Looked at many contractors and there are a lot of contractors but KD made it easy by giving suggestions and the concrete looked amazing with the color. I would highly recommend him to anyone


4.5 08/10/13

Review by Jane in Walnut Creek, CA

Project: Stamp Color Concrete

Comments: Spoke with Khandy about color concrete for my patio and he recommended a great design for it. I have met with many contractors for this project and Khandy just gave me the best price and design anyone can ask for. The patio looks great in the sunlight and the color simply pops. Thanks again KD.


4.5 08/2/13

Review by Victor in Antioch, CA

Project: Redesigned Front Yard

Comments: Completely redid the entire front yard for me, stand up job, the yard looks great with the new bricks and water fountain installed. Really loved how it turned out. I would recommend him to anyone.


4.5 07/25/13

Review by Brady B in Antioch, CA

Project: Install a fountain and waterfall

Comments: Work on fountain and pond finished on time, project turned out great, I was happy with job. If needed I will call KD again. THANKS KD, good job.


4.33 07/15/13

Review by a Neighbor in Lafayette, CA

Project: Install Concrete Patios, Walks and Steps

Comments: Nice guy. Good eye. Work was on time.


5.0 02/25/13

Review by David S. in Walnut Creek, CA

Project: Install Stamped Concrete

Comments: I was so happy with the job KD did with the stamped concrete that I hired KD to do the landscaping as well and KD did a great job with it! Use them – you won’t be disappointed.


5.0 08/31/12

Review by Craig L. in Pittsburg, CA

Project: Install Concrete Patios, Walks and Steps

Comments: I hired KD landscaping to install a new patio and walk-way in the rear and side yard as there was nothing but dirt. We had an idea of what we wanted and Khandy was able to create exactly what we envisioned and understood our wants and needs. We had the concrete colored, stamped and sealed with lacquer sealer. The quality was good, his communication was good and the price was right. I would highly recommend KD Landscaping!


5.0 08/22/12

Review by Mansfield B in Brentwood, CA

Project: Installed Stamped Concrete

Comments: Khandy did an excellent concrete job around my pool and the rest of the backyard. Looks beautiful and his price was very reasonable. Thanks Khandy for the excellent job. I got a lot of compliments from my friends. Definitely I will recommend KD Landscaping.


5.0 07/23/12

Review by Michael S. in Pittsburg, CA

Project: Landscape Yard or Gardens

Comments: Khandy is Triple A. I already hired him for another project. He was on time, quality work and the price is right, Would recommend him highly good man.


4.5 06/28/12

Review by Neighbor in Discovery Bay, CA

Project: Install Stamped Concrete

Comments: Very good price. Finished job and checked back to make sure it was working properly. Came back to fix one issue after job was done. I recommend this company and will use them again.


5.0 09/22/11

Review by Frank F. in Pittsburg, CA

Project: Landscape Yard or Gardens

Comments: KD Landscaping was very reliable and professional. Khandy was very resourceful and helped us with ideas on our project. Our front yard looks great and we highly recommend KD Landscaping


4.5 06/29/11

Review by Dan W. in Pleasant Hill, CA

Project: Install Stamped Concrete

Comments: Service worked well


5.0 06/05/11

Review by Vanessa C. In Pleasant Hill, CA

Project: Install Concrete Patios, Walks and Steps

Comments: I’m so pleased with the work that KD Landscaping crew is doing in my yard. From the very 1st meeting with Khandy everything has been great. He quoted my project right on the spot, he gave me a great price and started the work the date he said. He hasn’t ever asked for advance money (as my other contractors did) and so far my back yard is looking the way we always wanted. I will indeed recommend KD Landscaping.


4.17 06/05/11

Review by Evelyn W. In Pittsburg, CA

Project: Install Concrete Patios, Walks and Steps

Comments: We were completely satisfied with cement work. He did everything he promised and more, and in a timely manner. Left the area clean and even checked back with us several times to see if the work had been completed to our satisfaction.


4.0 10/02/10

Review by a Neighbor in Pittsburg, CA

Project: Install Concrete Patios, Walks and Steps

Comments: This Company was timely, professional, and hardworking. The landscaper and his crew worked quickly and efficiently until the job was done. Our yard size and positioning posed some problems but KD immediately found work-arounds that, while physically difficult for them, worked perfectly. We felt the price was fair and would recommend this contractor to others.


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